GameGuardian Beginner Tutorial – How to Hack Android Games using Game Guardian APK 2020

Download GameGuardian:
This is a simple beginner level tutorial on how to use GameGuardian to hack simply Android mobile games. This will work on offline games only. Do not use Game Guardian on online games or you will get banned.

GameGuardian is the Cheat Engine of Android, the premier memory editor for Android games and allows you to hack money values, health, speedhacks and more easily.

Topics covered in the video:
– Download and installation
– Simply memory value scans
– Speedhacks
– Using GameGuardian safely
– Unknown initial value scans

Emulators you can use if you want no root:
No root tutorial and game guardian scripts will come in later videos.

GameGuardian is currently the best memory editor / game hacking app for Android.


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  1. i dont understand how to use this shit.i rate game guardian 1/10 bull shit.and really cannot understand.this rather dissaper with air due for being trash completely

  2. Don't do it, they are hackers and they will access your phone, email, bank account and important information that you don't want to be found….
    This is a big scam, do not download….

  3. Yoo this worked, I was playing a game called corecraft that had its currency as double, so I kept searching, getting more, refining, then I eventually found it

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