Every Time I Die, My Controller Gets More Hacks…

I tested a HACKER Controller to get Aimbot in Fortnite Chapter 4! I found every cheat and hack possible to win in Fortnite new season without getting caught. But Every time I die my CHEATING Controller gets more HACKS! I Used a BANNED PlayStation controller to cheat and hack in Fortnite Chapter 4

Every death my CHEATING Controller gets HACKS in Fortnite

Thank you guys for watching, like and sub if you enjoyed, Sernando XOXO ❤

Nguồn: lienminhgarena.vn

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  1. This is why I am level 65 and I have won every solo no build game I have played. I might have come in third or 6th Place but I always lost to a cheater so I literally have won every game

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